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A bridal shower is a very important part of a wedding. It is a great time to get together and pamper the bride. The time is usually spent eating good food, playing some games and opening gifts. However, not all brides are fond of the shower games and do not like to be put on the spot. To make the day a relaxing and stress-free time for the bride, consider including bridal shower games that everyone will enjoy, without making the guest of honor stressed. Here are free bridal shower games we have handpicked for just this purpose:

What was the bride wearing? – Before the wedding shower, make a list of 10 questions about how the bride looks. For example, what color was her shirt? Shoes? Was she wearing earrings? Bracelet? Was her hair down or tied up? Then, once all of the guests have arrived and had some time to get to know one another, ask the bride to casually leave the room without telling anyone. Hand out paper and pens to all the guests. Then announce that the next game is “What was the bride wearing?” Take out your list of questions, and ask the questions with each guest writing down their answers. The bride can then return to the room and everyone can see how they did. The guest who answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

The Bridal Shower Purse Game – Have players find a partner and sit together with their purses. Then call off a list of items one by one. For example, lipstick, quarter, button, fingernail clipper, scissors, cell phone, picture of family, shoelace, rock, etc. The first person to find the item in their purse and show it to you gets a point. The team with the most points in the end wins. You will be surprised at the crazy things people have in their purses!

Free Bridal Shower Games

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